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Title: Experimental tests for evaluating the stability of a new nano-silica based protective for Sperone stone in comparison to traditional products
Authors: Pelosi, C.
Lanteri, L. 
Agresti, G. 
Rubino, Gianluca 
Persia, F. 
Bonifazi, G. 
Serranti, S. 
Capobianco, G. 
Journal: AIP Conference Proceedings 
Issue Date: 2020
This paper reports the results of a preliminary investigation aimed at testing the stability of a new functionalized nano-silica based protective, named Silo N7, in comparison to traditional commercial products, i.e. poly-siloxane and fluorinated elastomer. The product has been applied on an igneous rock known as Sperone stone, widely used in the south-east area of Rome, where the rock is mainly quarried. The work was performed within the activities of the ADAMO project as part of the Center of Excellence Technological District of Cultural Heritage of Lazio Region. The choice of the protective products and of the most suitable tests was made according to the standards UNI EN17114:2019 and UNI EN16581:2016 respectively. Colour measurements, contact angle evaluation, capillarity adsorption and hyperspectral imaging were performed to evaluate the performance of the chosen products.
ISSN: 978-073542017-5
DOI: 10.1063/5.0023721
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