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Title: A scuola di cittadinanza. Pratiche pedagogiche sulla parità di genere
Authors: Marco Leggieri
Sabrina Di Giacomo
Journal: ARTICOLO 33 
Issue Date: 2024
In the context of contemporary scenarios, the paper aims to reflect on the current paths of civic education in schools, with a critical look at the capacity that they can guarantee, within a complex and emergent reality, the deconstruction of anachronistic values, in favor of universal ones to guide the new generations towards a sustainable development. After an analysis of social criticalities related to youth discomfort that has fostered the emergence of violence, such as gender one, the essay reports on a project experience carried out in a high school in order to share interdisciplinary paths able to make school a place deputed to the construction of an active and democratic citizenship
ISSN: 2280-4315
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