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Title: Le espressioni idiomatiche gestuo-cinesiche tra corpo e cultura: un’analisi contrastiva italiano-inglese e italiano-francese
Authors: Casadei, Federica 
Benke, Priscilla
Journal: PHRASIS 
Issue Date: 2023
This paper presents the results of two contrastive Italian-English and Italian-French studies on gestural-kinesic idioms, i.e. idioms referring to gestures and other kinesic behaviours such as movements of body parts, expressions, postures. The aim of the research was first of all to investigate how many Italian gestural-kinesic idioms have an equivalent in English and French. It turns out that this is true for 50% of the idioms in the case of French and for 61% of them in the case of English. The highest number of equivalences is found in the idioms that refer to kinesic behaviours that are supposed to be universal, whereas cultural features mostly hinder the existence of equivalents in the different languages. The perspective of crosslinguistic comparison allows for the full emergence, and better understanding, of the interplay of biological, cognitive and cultural factors of which gestural-kinesic idioms are a paradigmatic case.
ISSN: 2531-0755
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