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Title: The Early Bronze Age seal impressions on jars from Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn. Preliminary remarks on pottery and images
Authors: Tumolo, Valentina
Issue Date: 2019
The corpus of seal impressions on jars discovered at Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn is the largest assemblage of its kind found so far in the Levant for the Early Bronze Age. It comprises more than 150 sealings, mostly impressed on storage vessels associated to the so-called “Levantine Combed Ware”, that display a large variety of images, both geometric and figurative. Such a large amount of impressions represents a homogeneous col¬lection, which shares technical and visual features with items of the same kind from both the southern and the northern parts of the Levant. For these reasons, this corpus represents a valid object for a systematic study and offers new hints for modelling a reliable picture of the pot-sealing phenomenon in Syria-Palestine during the 4th and 3rd millennia BC.
ISSN: 2364-7124
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