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Title: Khirbet ez-Zeraqon and Early Bronze Age chronology revisited
Authors: Tumolo, Valentina 
Höflmayer, Felix
Issue Date: 2020
A few years ago, J. Regev and colleagues proposed a new, considerably higher, absolute chronology for the Early Bronze Age of the southern Levant based on radiocarbon data (Regev et al. 2012; Regev, Miroschedji, and Boaretto 2012). While the historical impact of this new chronology is still under discussion, as the many papers, including those published in the present volume, vividly demonstrate (for example, Höflmayer and Eichmann 2014; Meller et al. 2015; Höflmayer 2017), the original radiocarbon dataset is being continuously supplemented by new results from different sites throughout the region, such as Khirbet al-Batrawy, Jordan (Höflmayer 2014), Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, Lebanon (Höflmayer et al. 2014; in press), or Megiddo, Israel (Regev et al. 2014). In the framework of the project CINEMA, new short-lived samples were selected and analyzed from stratified contexts of Khirbet ez-Zeraqon, and, together with a reappraisal of older data already published by H. Genz (2002), a new radiocarbon model was created for the stratigraphic sequence of the site (see preliminarily Höflmayer 2015; Höflmayer 2017). This new evidence offers further contributions to the ongoing debate on the nature of the socio-economic system of the southern Levant during the Early Bronze Age, and on the dynamics of its development as well). In this contribution, we present an overview of the excavations conducted at Khirbet ez-Zeraqon, its stratigraphic sequence and evidence for relative dating, and a discussion of the results of the radiocarbon dating study. Further, we compare the radiocarbon results for Khirbet ez-Zeraqon with other published sequences of the region.
ISBN: 9781575067407
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