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Title: Morphological, Molecular, and Nutritional Characterisation of the Globe Artichoke Landrace "Carciofo Ortano"
Authors: alicandri, enrica 
Paolacci, Anna Rita
Catarcione, Giulio
Del Lungo, Alberto
Iacoponi, Valentina
Pati, Francesco
Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
Ciaffi, Mario 
Journal: PLANTS 
Issue Date: 2023
The present study focused on the molecular, morphological, and nutritional characterisation of a globe artichoke landrace at risk of genetic erosion still cultivated in the municipality of Orte (Lazio Region, Central Italy) and therefore named "Carciofo Ortano". Molecular analysis based on SSR and ISSR markers was carried out on 73 genotypes selected at random from 20 smallholdings located in the Orte countryside and 17 accessions of landraces/clones belonging to the main varietal types cultivated in Italy. The results confirmed that "Carciofo Ortano" belongs to the "Romanesco" varietal typology and revealed the presence within the landrace of two distinct genetic populations named Orte 1 and Orte 2. Despite the high level of within-population genetic variation detected, the two populations were genetically differentiated from each other and from the landraces/clones of the main varietal types cultivated in Italy. Morphological and nutritional characterisation was performed on representative genotypes for each of the two populations of the "Carciofo Ortano" and the four landraces/clones included in the varietal platform of the PGI "CARCIOFO ROMANESCO DEL LAZIO" used as reference genotypes ("Campagnano", "Castellammare", "C3", and "Grato 1"). Principal component analysis showed that, of the 43 morphological descriptors considered, 12, including plant height, head shape index, head yield, and earliness, allowed a clear grouping of genotypes, distinguishing Orte 1 and Orte 2 populations from the reference genotypes. Regarding the nutritional composition of heads, particular attention should be devoted to the Orte 2 genotypes for their high dietary fibre, inulin, flavonoid, and phenol content, a feature that could be highly appreciated by the market.
ISSN: 2223-7747
DOI: 10.3390/plants12091844
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