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Title: Evolution of personality and locomotory performance traits during a late Pleistocene island colonization in a tree frog
Authors: Bisconti, Roberta 
Carere, Claudio 
Costantini, David 
Liparoto, Anita
Chiocchio, Andrea
Canestrelli, Daniele 
Issue Date: 2023
Recent empirical and theoretical studies suggest that personality and locomotory performance traits linked to dispersal abilities are crucial components of the dispersal syndromes, and that they can evolve during range expansions and colonization processes. Island colonization is one of the best characterized processes in dispersal biogeography, and its implication in the evolution of phenotypic traits has been investigated over a wide range of temporal scales. However, the effect of island colonization on personality and performance traits of natural populations, and how these traits could drive island colonization, has been little explored. Noteworthy, no studies have addressed these processes in the context of late Pleistocene range expansions. Here, we investigated the contribution of island colonization triggered by postglacial range expansions to intraspecific variation in personality and locomotory performance traits. We compared boldness, exploration, jumping performance, and stickiness abilities in populations from 3 equidistant areas of the Tyrrhenian tree frog Hyla sarda, 2 from the main island (Corsica Island), and 1 from the recently colonized island of Elba. Individuals from Elba were significantly bolder than individuals from Corsica, as they emerged sooner from a shelter (P = 0.028), while individuals from Corsica showed markedly higher jumping and stickiness performance (both P < 0.001), resulting as more performing than those of Elba. We discuss these results in the context of the major microevolutionary processes at play during range expansion, including selection, spatial sorting, founder effects, and their possible interaction with local adaptation processes.
ISSN: 1674-5507
DOI: 10.1093/cz/zoac062
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