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Titolo: A qualitative analysis of knowledge graphs in recommendation scenarios through semantics-aware autoencoders
Autori: Bellini, Vito
Di Sciascio, Eugenio
Donini, Francesco Maria 
Pomo, Claudio
Ragone, Azzurra
Schiavone, Angelo
Data pubblicazione: 2024
Knowledge Graphs (KGs) have already proven their strength as a source of high-quality information for different tasks such as data integration, search, text summarization, and personalization. Another prominent research field that has been benefiting from the adoption of KGs is that of Recommender Systems (RSs). Feeding a RS with data coming from a KG improves recommendation accuracy, diversity, and novelty, and paves the way to the creation of interpretable models that can be used for explanations. This possibility of combining a KG with a RS raises the question whether such an addition can be performed in a plug-and-play fashion – also with respect to the recommendation domain – or whether each combination needs a careful evaluation. To investigate such a question, we consider all possible combinations of (i) three recommendation tasks (books, music, movies); (ii) three recommendation models fed with data from a KG (and in particular, a semantics-aware deep learning model, that we discuss in detail), compared with three baseline models without KG addition; (iii) two main encyclopedic KGs freely available on the Web: DBpedia and Wikidata. Supported by an extensive experimental evaluation, we show the final results in terms of accuracy and diversity of the various combinations, highlighting that the injection of knowledge does not always pay off. Moreover, we show how the choice of the KG, and the form of data in it, affect the results, depending on the recommendation domain and the learning model.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2067/50762
ISSN: 1573-7675
DOI: 10.1007/s10844-023-00830-z
Diritti: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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