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Title: Il ruolo della donna in Portogallo negli anni ’30 e ’40. Il caso della rivista Eva
Authors: Rosa, Cristina 
Issue Date: 2023
Women’s magazines of the 1930s and 1940s generally suggested role models, instructing women towards a life tied exclusively to the home and raising children. Likewise, they taught them how to put on make-up, dress and sigh with a few pages of romance novels. The 1940s in Portugal marked the splendour of the Estado Novo, very vigilant towards the press and, thanks to its censorship machine, very castrating towards women’s freedoms, depriving them of action in the public sphere. The magazine that will be the subject of our study is Eva, published for the first time on 25 April 1925, then passing through the First Republic, the Military Dictatorship, the Estado Novo and the Revolução de Abril, managing to survive as a means of social communication for 64 long years.
ISBN: 979-12-5524-077-8
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