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Title: Las competencias clave y la centralidad del aprendizaje para la construcción de una profesión docente. El valor de la formación y las similitudes entre el arte del teatro y el arte de la educación
Authors: Crescenza, Giorgio 
Issue Date: 2023
The article explores the importance of core competencies and internships in building strong teaching professionalism. Through an in-depth analysis of the core competences required of teachers and the effectiveness of the internship as a crucial stage of training, it shows how teacher preparation cannot ignore these components. Pedagogical internship is crucial for teacher training, but it must be complemented by sound theoretical and value-based knowledge to avoid becoming merely didactic. Likewise, it is necessary to understand that possessing only ‘practical knowledge’ is not enough to teach properly and productively; a theoretical framework that enriches practical experience is needed. In addition, the article highlights the striking similarities between the art of theatre and the art of education. Both fields require communication skills, adaptability, creativity and a deep awareness of human dynamics. A solid teaching professionalism that is useful in guiding students toward success can only be built through a union of core competencies, targeted internship and continuing education
ISBN: 978-84-10054-35-6
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