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Title: From Genomes to Variant Interpretations Through Protein Structures
Authors: Durairaj, Janani
Alexander Leila, Tamara
Studer, Gabriel
Tauriello, Gerardo
Guarnetti Prandi, Ingrid
Lepore, Rosalba
Chillemi, Giovanni 
Schwede, Torsten
Issue Date: 2023
The large amount of genetic, phenotypic, and structural data from diverse conditions and environments offers opportunities for new groundbreaking research. Today, the major scientific task is to interpret the vast number of genetic variants within these data. As described in this chapter, identifying relevant variants and connecting them with the associated protein structural and environmental information is a powerful approach to biological discoveries. The unified view of the data brings us a step closer to understanding genetic variation, which is also fundamental for achieving the goals of personalized medicine and the planet’s environment.
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-30691-4_6
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