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Titolo: Effect of Compost Derived from Urban Waste on Chard (Beta vulgaris L., var cycla) Yield and Soil GHG Fluxes in a Mediterranean Agricultural System
Autori: Castaldi, Simona
Bertolini, Teresa
Vannini, Andrea 
Marinari, Sara 
Chilosi, Gabriele 
Data pubblicazione: 2023
The use of recycled materials as soil amendments and fertilizers is an important priority in the agronomic sector to valorize waste from a circular economic perspective and reduce waste disposal, reduce dependence on external inputs, and provide better climate change mitigation options. In this study, we evaluated the agroecological performance of compost derived from recycled organic matrices of urban waste (mixed composted amendment, MCA) of the metropolitan area of Rome. MCA is available in big quantities and might represent an interesting option to substitute conventional mineral nitrogen fertilizer (CF). The effect of MCA, CF, and a combination of both (MIX 1:1) was tested on crop yield and greenhouse gas emissions in a field trial on a common Mediterranean crop (Swiss chart, one season, two crop cycles). The MCA effect on crop yield was positive and comparable to CF and MIX treatments, while MCA treatment showed the lower soil mineral nitrogen (N) content. GHG emissions in the MCA treatment were comparable to those observed in CF and MIX, being overall quite low. The soil acted as a weak net CH4 sink in all treatments (−12.6 ± 6.1 μg CH4 m−2 h−1); no differences in CO2 emissions between MCA and CF or MIX treatments were observed (range 0.1−0.2 g m−2 h−1). The N2O emission intensity of MCA was slightly lower than MIX and CF treatments (0.09, 0.011, and 0.011 g N2O kg−1 crop dry weight, respectively). Overall, MCA seemed a valid alternative to CF for the tested agro-environmental indicators in the spring/summer Mediterranean conditions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2067/49736
ISSN: 20734433
DOI: 10.3390/atmos14020246
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