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Titolo: Factors Affecting Earthwork Volume in Forest Road Construction on Steep Terrain
Autori: Papa, Ivica
Picchio, Rodolfo 
Lovrinčević, Mihael
Janeš, David
Pentek, Tibor
Validžić, Dino
Venanzi, Rachele 
Đuka, Andreja
Rivista: LAND 
Data pubblicazione: 2023
Forest roads, as a prerequisite for high-quality forest management, should be optimally distributed in order to avoid negative environmental impacts and to best fulfill their task. In the design phase of forest roads, it is necessary to know which factors influence most the volume of earthworks to enable the designer to best adapt to the terrain requirements. In this paper the impact of an average cross terrain slope and carriageway value of a forest road on cut and fill volume is analyzed. The research was carried out in the area of the management unit Trovrh–Kik, characterized by irregular terrain with slopes ranging between 27 and 58%, and on some micro locations even up to 84%. On eight forest roads, based on standard cross-section profiles, the influence of the average cross terrain slope and carriageway value (difference between ground level and grade level) of the forest road on the cut and fill volume per 1 m of the forest road route was analyzed. The obtained coefficients of determination indicate a strong correlation between the cut volume and carriageway value (R2 = 0.6841), and a moderate correlation between the fill volume and carriageway value (R2 = 0.5619). Unlike the influence of carriageway value on the cut and fill volume, the correlation between the cross terrain slope and fill volume is weak (R2 = 0.2076) or moderate in the case of the cut volume (R2 = 0.3167). On the basis of the analyzed standard cross-section profiles, it was determined that the carriageway value was 0.051 m, where the difference between the cut and fill volume was minimum and the average actual carriageway value was determined to be −0.09 m. It can be concluded that, on terrains with large and varying slopes, there is no unique model or terrain factor that could describe the earthworks required in the construction of a forest road. However, it is beyond doubt that the increase in the carriageway value and cross terrain slope caused the increase in the aforementioned volumes.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2067/49445
ISSN: 2073445X
DOI: 10.3390/land12020400
Diritti: Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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