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Title: Planning coastal Mediterranean stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) reforestations as a green infrastructure: combining GIS techniques and statistical analysis to identify management options
Authors: Portoghesi, Luigi 
Tomao Antonio
Bollati Simone
Mattioli Walter
Angelini Alice
Agrimi, Mariagrazia 
Issue Date: 2022
Mediterranean stone pine reforestations are common characteristics of the Italian Tyrrhenian coast, which mostly maintain uniform and monolayered stand structures. However, improving structural diversity is an effective climate change adaptation strategy in forest management. The aim of this study was to implement a methodology which allows distinct reforested areas such as a single green infrastructure to be managed according to the surrounding land use and the characteristics of the forest stands. 240 hectares of Mediterranean stone pine forests located along a 16 km strip of the Lazio coast (Central Italy) were mapped. Twelve attributes describing the pine stands and showing possible constraints for future management decisions were associated to each forest patch. A hierarchical cluster analysis was performed to group the pinewood patches according to their similarity level and five different groups were identified. For each group, different silvicultural methods were proposed to guide the compositional and structural evolution of the stands, in order to make them suitable for providing services required locally and increasing overall diversity at landscape scale. The results of the study highlight how coastal land uses can offer effective inputs to differentiate the management of forest systems and therefore achieve greater variety and resilience in the landscape over time. This approach is particularly useful in the case of very homogeneous stands such as the stone pine reforestations under study.
ISSN: 1844-8135
DOI: 10.15287/afr.2022.2176
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