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Title: "Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa. Condition of Woman, Gender Rights, Empowerment and Female Movements: shadows, openings, energies, obstacles"
Authors: Fabienne Charlotte Orazie Vallino 
Saggini, Francesca 
Autori Vari. Prodotto di Progetto PRIN
Issue Date: 2010
The numerous fields of research referred to in this book interrelate and determine an interdisciplinary approach to ecological-environmental and geographical-political issues as well as issues of the condition of women and gender rights.
This book intends to give a representation of countries where this interrelation becomes particularly critical and the examination is based on the experience of protagonists active in these countries. Accordingly, it is a representation from “within” such countries.
The book contains thirty-five contributions of Authors (mostly Women) from six countries who express themselves in Arabic, Kurdish, Afghani-Pashtu, Italian, English and French, and represents one of the tangible products of a Project of National Interest (PRIN) co-financed by the Italian Ministry for Universities and Research and the University of Tuscia.
The book is, therefore, dedicated to the condition of Women, Gender Rights, Female Movements for the conquest of Empowerment, but with a particular focus on a series of countries devastated by on-going armed conflicts spanning over decades (Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon) that destroy ecosystems, vegetation, biodiversity, access to safe water, agricultural land, and the environmental conditions of people's lives. In those dramatic contexts the fundamental Human Rights of women are degraded and eroded, and women are facing all the critical consequences of a severe ecological crisis and an economic collapse.
The books also deals with the issues of two countries free from armed conflicts at the time of the research activity (Egypt and Tunisia), but where the “Arab Spring” of 2011 later exploded, thus offering a key for interpretation helping to understand the recent events.
Another aspect of the book is important to note: its large body of unpublished original photographs. It is a kind of second narrative voice parallel to the texts, that integrates their contents thanks to an additional strong light.
Two years researching and travelling in all countries stated above demonstrated the vitality of an international collaboration based on shared beliefs, namely the essential UNEP principle: "environmental cooperation could play a key role in the process towards lasting peace".
ISBN: 978-88-7853-138-3
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