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Title: A room called bank.
Authors: Filieri, Jurji 
Issue Date: 2012
The bank is one of those institutional places in modern civil society that over the years has become an iconographic point of reference for the community. In the physical geography of the city, as in every citizen's mental landscape, the bank is like the Town Hall, the market, the public school, the hospital, or the museum. The place you go to buy and sell money. The place where money is kept in the forms of ingots, coins, and stacks of colorful banknotes.
Today designers and architects are required to design banks everyone wants to enter, places where transactions are less cloying, even pleasurable rituals. Designers must remember that comfort is a vital need to operators and clients alike and offers the bank an undeniable advantage... Of course, one day we might have to rethink the excesses of freedom from previous form, retrace our steps and go back to a more traditional severity. Money is still money, but the surroundings can change.
ISBN: 978-7-5611-6827-1
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