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Title: A comprehensive analysis of industrial compressed air systems performance: benchmark and decision support tools to improve the energy efficiency
Other Titles: Energy benchmark, sviluppo di tecnologie per il risparmio energetico nei sistemi ad aria compressa utilizzati a livello industriale
Authors: Salvatori, Simone
Keywords: Compressed air system;Energy efficiency improvement;Energy management;Energy intensive benchmark;Decision support system;Directive 2012/27/EU;Miglioramento dell'efficienza energetica;Aria compressa industriale;Gestione dell'energia;Industrie energivore;Benchmark;Strumenti di supporto alle decisioni;Direttiva 2012/27/EU;ING-IND/17
Issue Date: 24-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universit√† degli studi della Tuscia - Viterbo
Series/Report no.: Tesi di dottorato di ricerca. 32. ciclo
Industrial energy consumption is responsible of about one third of global energy consumption. For this reason, increasing attention about energy efficiency and environmental problems leads scientific researchers to undertake several studies to improve energy efficiency both in industrial and other sectors. Compressed air is surely one of the most influencing system regarding energy consumption. On average, 10% of industrial energy consumption is due to compressed air system, consequently research has focused on technologies for reducing this consumption. Exploiting the lack of complete procedures to prove compressed air system performance and reduce energy costs, a complex strategy is presented and discussed in this thesis. The developed methodology
starts from the analysis of a large database coming from Italian industrial companies containing energy consumption of the most energyintensive sectors and through the development of benchmark analysis and successive surveys (also applying a specific maturity model), proposes and implements some decision support tools to evaluate and improve compressed air system energy efficiency. Results show that all the developed methodologies can be applied on all industrial company highlighting possible improvements.
Dottorato di ricerca in Engineering for Energy and Environment
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