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Title: An relatio realis possit terminari ad non Ens: Una Quaestio di Martinus Smiglecius, S.J. (1564-1618)
Authors: Roncaglia, Gino
Keywords: storia della logica;history of logic;tarda scolastica;late scholasticism;logica post-medievale;post-medieval logic;logica polacca;polish logic;relations, theory of;relazioni;enti inesistenti;non existing entities;relations of reason;relatio rationis;non ens;relatio realis;Martinus Smiglecius;Smiglecki, Marcin
Issue Date: 13-May-2008
Source: RONCAGLIA, Gino (2009). An relatio realis possit terminari ad non Ens: Una Quaestio di Martinus Smiglecius, S.J. (1564-1618). In: LENZI M. e MAIERU' A., Discussioni sul nulla tra medioevo ed età moderna, pp. 211-226. ISBN: 9788822257680. FIRENZE: Olschki (ITALY).
The paper deals with the historical background and with the interpretation of the quaestio "An relatio realis possit terminari ad non ens" in the Logica of the Polish Jesuit Martinus Smiglecius (Marcin Smiglecki). The quaestio is relevant in order to understand Smiglecius' conception of real relations and of relations of reason.
The paper is in a not-revised, preprint version: for quotations or references, please check the printed version.
ISBN: 9788822257680
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