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Title: Semantic-based Skill Management for Automated Task Assignment and Courseware Composition
Authors: Colucci, Simona
Di Noia, Tommaso
Di Sciascio, Eugenio
Donini, Francesco Maria 
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence;Knowledge Representation;Knowledge Management
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: Graz University of Technology
Source: Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol.13, issue 9, pages 1184-1212
Knowledge management is characterized by many different activities ranging from the elicitation of knowledge to its storing, sharing, maintenance, usage and creation. Skill management is one of such activities, with its own peculiarities, as it focuses on full exploitation of knowledge individuals in an organization have, in order to carry out at best given tasks. In this paper a semantic-based automated Skill Management System is proposed, which supports competences search and creation. The system implements an approach exploiting the formalism and the reasoning services provided by Description Logics. The approach embeds also non standard Description Logics reasoning services to extend the set of provided features. Here we present main characteristics of our system and focus on a novel algorithm exploiting advanced inference services for the one-to-one assignment of a set of individuals to a set of tasks, endowed of logical explanation features for missing/conflicting skills
ISSN: 0948-6968
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