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Title: Enrichment of provitamin A content in durum wheat grain by suppressing the beta-carotene hydroxylase 1 with a TILLING approach
Authors: Garcia Molina Maria Dolores
Botticella Ermelinda
Beleggia Romina
Palombieri Samuela
De Vita Pasquale
Masci, Stefania 
Lafiandra, Domenico 
Sestili, Francesco 
Issue Date: 2021
Vitamin A deficiency is a major public health problem that affects numerous countries in the world. As humans are not able to synthesize vitamin A, it must be daily assimilated along with other micro- and macronutrients through the diet. Durum wheat is an important crop for Mediterranean countries and provides a discrete amount of nutrients, such as carbohydrates and proteins, but it is deficient in some essential micronutrients, including provitamin A. In the present work, a targeting induced local lesions in genomes strategy has been undertaken to obtain durum wheat genotypes biofortified in provitamin A. In detail, we focused on the suppression of the β-carotene hydroxylase 1 (HYD1) genes, encoding enzymes involved in the redirection of β-carotene toward the synthesis of the downstream xanthophylls (neoxanthin, violaxanthin and zeaxanthin). Expression analysis of genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis revealed a reduction of the abundance of HYD1 transcripts greater than 50% in mutant grain compared to the control.
The biochemical profiling of carotenoid in the wheat mutant genotypes highlighted a significant increase of more than 70% of β-carotene compared to the wild-type sibling lines, with no change in lutein, α-carotene and zeaxanthin content. This study sheds new light on the molecular mechanism governing carotenoid biosynthesis in durum wheat and provides new genotypes that represent a good genetic resource for future breeding programs focused on the provitamin A biofortification through non-transgenic approaches.
ISSN: 1432-2242
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