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Title: ELF Awareness and Intercultural Communication in the English Language Classroom
Authors: Antonio Taglialatela 
Journal: Merope 
Issue Date: 2021
This paper draws on Byram’s construct of intercultural communicative competence (ICC). By expressly connecting the main principles of ICC and English as a lingua franca (ELF) pedagogy, we seek to offer a novel multidimensional outlook on a subject that, so far, has undergone extensive research. Based on a ten-year personal teaching experience across different education cycles, it is argued that the integration of an ELF-oriented approach into the traditional English teaching paradigm can effectively foster learners’ intercultural awareness in multicultural settings and that implementing a dual teaching approach in the English classroom can improve learners’ intercultural communication skills and benefit their personal growth. The conclusion underpins that traditional English language pedagogy needs reconsideration from an ELF-aware perspective to meet today’s multicultural scenarios’ requirements and offers practical, theoretical and policy implications for the professional development opportunities addressed to in-service and prospective teachers and the use of English globally.
ISSN: 1121-0613
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