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Title: Weed Spectrum in Durum Wheat under Different Soil Tillage and Fertilizer Application in Mediterranean Environment
Authors: Petroselli, Verdiana
Radicetti, Emanuele
Langeroodi, Alireza Safahani
Allam, Mohamed
Mancinelli, Roberto 
Issue Date: 2021
Agricultural intensification may cause significant changes in weed density due to high
weed competitiveness. Therefore, sustainable practices are to be designed to get maximum benefits
of plant biodiversity in the agro-ecosystems. Field experiments were conducted in 2013/2014 and
2014/2015 to evaluate the impact of fertilizer source and soil tillage on weed spectrum in durum
wheat (Triticum durum Desf.). Treatments in this study were: (i) two fertilizer sources (mineral
fertilizer (MIN) and municipal organic waste (MOW)), and (ii) three tillage regimes (plowing (Plo),
subsoiling (Sub) and spading (SM)). A randomized complete block design with three replications
was adopted. Data on weed density and biomass were collected at the wheat tillering stage. Weed
density was higher in MOW than MIN (53.8 vs. 44.0 plants m􀀀2), especially in 2014/2015, while
S was the highest among tillage regimes (58.2 plants m􀀀2). Annual and monocots species were
always the highest in subsoiling (43.5 and 10.1 plants m􀀀2). The density of perennial and dicots
species was higher in MOW compared with MIN plots, regardless of soil tillage management. Weed
community, in terms of weed species composition, varied between the two fertilizer sources, while
among soil tillage regimes, it only differed between plowing and subsoiling. Based on the analysis of
weed community composition, annual dicot species were mainly associated with plowing, while
monocots tended to be associated with MIN fertilizer. Spading tillage may be a useful strategy for
managing weed diversity under organic fertilization, where mineral soil nitrogen availability was
limited. Conversely, the spading machine produced lower grain yields than plowing with mineral
fertilizer application.
ISSN: 1937-0709
DOI: 10.3390/su13137307
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