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Title: La rappresentazione sociale della violenza di genere in ambito giudiziario e sulla stampa
Authors: Saccà, Flaminia 
Issue Date: 2021
The social representation of gender violence has a strong although subtle impact on how women are treated in society. As the CEDAW has crucially pointed out, prejudices can alter justice itself and make women seem less reliable when they testify, less worthy of being awarded justice. In our analysis we find that due to these prejudices women are victimized three times: firstly when they become the target of their husband/partner’s violence, secondly when they are depicted by the press, the police, the judges as -at least partially -to be blamed of the explosion of violence that has hit them and, lastly, as they suffer from tertiary victimization when justice fails them. Fails to condemn the culprit because the social representation of gender violence in the judiciary system and in the press depicts women more closely to the idealtype of the guilty rather than to the idealtype of the victim.
ISSN: 0038-0156
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