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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Assessment of a Trichoderma-based biostimulant on two bedding plant growth in different growing media and within a basal heating systemOrlandini; Sonia Cacini; M. Branbilla; Gianluca Burchi; M. Cutini; M. Fedrizzi; Daniele Massa; Valentina Ceccarelli; CARDARELLI, Mariateresa 
2021How to evaluate the hormone-like activity of different protein hydrolysates using phenomics data obtained from laboratory bioassaysValentina Ceccarelli; CARDARELLI, Mariateresa ; Luigi Lucini; Youssef Rouphael; Colla, Giuseppe 
2021Multiple criteria-based screening of Trichoderma spp. for biological seed treatmentsCARDARELLI, Mariateresa ; Valentina Ceccarelli; Eleonora Coppa; Catello Pane; Paolo Bonini; Colla, Giuseppe 
2021The zoonotic nematode Anisakis pegreffii releases extracellular vesicles: microscopic and proteomic characterizationPalomba, Marialetizia ; Rughetti Aurelia; Rahimi Hassan; Masuelli Laura; Mignogna Giuseppina; Giorgi Alessandra; Castrigliano Tiziana; Santoro Mario; Gabrielli Simona; Mattiucci Simonetta
2022A general ODE-based model to describe the physiological age structure of ectotherms: description and application to Drosophila suzukii - DSABNS conferenceRossini, Luca ; Bono-Rossello, Nicholas; Speranza, Stefano ; Garone, Emanuele
2021The driving role of microhabitats in soil ecology: rebuilding artificial 3D soil-like nanostructured microhabitats for experimental reproducible worksDe Cesare, Fabrizio ; Di Mattia, Elena ; Macagnano Antonella
2021Antimicrobial peptides: an insight on their efficacy against major viral and bacterial fish pathogensLuana Cortinovis; Romy Lucon Xiccato; Eleonora Fiocchi; Rosita Quartesan; Jane Budai; Francesco Montesi; Anna Toffan; Tobia Pretto; Porcelli, Fernando ; Buonocore, Francesco 
2021Wheat kernel alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor (ATI) gene silencing procedures cause pleiotropic effects and affect ati pro-inflammatory activityMasci, Stefania ; Sestili, Francesco ; CAMERLENGO FRANCESCO; NEERUKONDA M.; FAYER F.; MANSUETO P.; CARROCCIO A.; SCHUPPAN D.
2020The role of importation dynamic and nutritive value of trapped pollen on the honey bee colonies: a preliminary investigationDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Francesca Petrocchi Jasinski
2020The effect of different adjuvants for acaricide solutions on bee mortality in a controlled environmentFilippo Lazzari; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
2021Precision beekeeping systems as promising tools for the agro-environmental monitoringDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Maria Stella Ranieri; Francesco Barbarese; Roberto Bedini; Filippo Lazzari
2021A labelling scheme to communicate the health values and environmental sustainability of meat and milk from extensive farmingDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Primi, Riccardo ; Andrea Palomba; Ronchi, Bruno 
2021Soil erosion patterns in Alpine and Apennine extensive farming systemPrimi, Riccardo ; Carlo Maria Rossi; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
2021Non-invasive acoustic detection of wolf’s attack to livestock. Preliminary results of a prototype in two sheep farmsRiccardo Primi; Pier Paolo Danieli; Marco Berni; Veronica Brachino; Paolo Viola; Andrea Amici; Bruno Ronchi
2021Fatty acid profile of Sarda suckling lamb meat with different fat contentPrimi, Riccardo ; Sebastiana Failla; Michela Contò; Ronchi, Bruno ; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
2021Practical perspectives of using the Bee Varroa Scanner (BeeVS), as an automated tool for the Varroa destructor parasite load monitoring in honey bee (Apis mellifera) coloniesDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Davide Bassignana; Francesco Barbarese; Remigio Ercolani; Filippo Lazzari
2021Preliminary laboratory trials on the efficacy of hop alpha iso-acids on the control of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) ectoparasite Varroa destructorFilippo Lazzari; Tiziana Vetturini; Danieli, Pierpaolo 
2021Precision livestock farming and beekeeping: development and testing of a prototypal smart hiveDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Giuseppe Bianchi; Marco Maerini; Gabriele Locci; Filippo Lazzari; Piovesan, Gianluca 
2021Effects of diets with different protein sources on carbon and nitrogen isotopic signatures in Hermetia illucens: potential zootechnical implications and traceability of insect mealsDanieli, Pierpaolo ; Lorenzo Romagnoli; Amici, Andrea ; Ronchi, Bruno ; Giuseppe Russo; Primi, Riccardo ; Marco Lauteri
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 841