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Title: Geospatial analysis of woodland fire occurrence and recurrence in Italy
Authors: Mancini, Leone Davide
Barbati, Anna
Corona, Piermaria
Keywords: Wildfire;Woodland type;Geodataset;Large fires;Wildland-urban interface
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: crea Journals
Source: Mancini, L. D., Barbati, A., Corona, P. 2017. Geospatial analysis of woodland fire occurrence and recurrence in Italy. "Annals of Silvicultural Research" 41 (1): 41-47
This technical note aims to exemplify the potential of annual time series of wildfire geodatasets to quantify fire occurrence and recurrence amongst different woodland types at large scale, under an international forestry perspective. The study covers a time series of areas affected by wildfire between 2007 and 2014 in Italy. A GIS operation of geometric intersection was carried out between time-series, geo-referred data of burned areas and synchronic Corine Land Cover maps. Mediterranean pine forest, high maquis, transitional woodland-shrub and high oro-Mediterranean pine forest are the woodland types most preferred in terms of fire occurrence and recurrence. Large fires and megafires hold a significant share of total burned area. An unexpected finding is the huge impact of fires in wildland-urban-interface areas. The proposed analysis provides spatial information that is central to any approach to fire management at large scale. Research findings provide support that can be used e.g. for positive and normative advancements, basically prioritization of fire prevention, suppression measures, economic incentive allocation, and sustainable land management in peri-urban districts.
ISSN: 2284-354X
DOI: 10.12899/asr-1376
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