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Title: Ipotesi alsometrica per le fustaie coetanee di faggio del Parco Naturale regionale dei Monti Simbruini
Authors: Corona, Piermaria
Ferrara, Agostino
Keywords: Modello alsometrico;Faggio;Gestione forestale;Lazio
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Agrifutura Editrice
Source: Corona, P., Ferrara, A. 1989. Ipotesi alsometrica per le fustaie coetanee di faggio del Parco Naturale regionale dei Monti Simbruini. "Linea Ecologica" 21(3): 50-54
The finding out of proper silvicultural model respectful of the environment represents one of the major problems in developing natural parks forest management guidelines. The adoption of suitable silvicultural measures cannot but work out yeald models previously developed.Regarding even-aged forests with a prevalence of shade tolerant species,a naturally conceived model that can be that elaborated by Assmann (1955; 1970, where stand density is mainly governed by self-thinning. On the ground of this schematization, a yield hypothesis has been developed for the even aged beech forests in Simbruini Mountains Regional Natural Park (Central Italy).Such hypothesis intends to provide a preliminary contribution useful to find out silvicultural criteria for local even-aged beech forests management.
ISSN: 1721-9469
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