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Title: Integrated forest management to prevent wildfires under Mediterranean environments
Authors: Corona, Piermaria
Ascoli, Davide
Barbati, Anna
Bovio, Giovanni
Colangelo, Giuseppe
Elia, Mario
Garfì, Vittorio
Iovino, Francesco
Lafortezza, Raffaele
Leone, Vittorio
Lovreglio, Raffaella
Marchetti, Marco
Marchi, Enrico
Menguzzato, Giuliano
Nocentini, Susanna
Picchio, Rodolfo
Portohesi, Luigi
Puletti, Nicola
Sanesi, Giovanni
Chianucci, Francesco
Keywords: Wildfire prevention;Forest fuel management;Wildland-urban interface;Prescribed burning
Issue Date: 27-Feb-2015
Publisher: CRA Journals
Source: Corona, P. et al. 2015. Integrated forest management to prevent wildfires under Mediterranean environments. "Annals of silvicultural research" 39 (1): 1-22
This review presents a multidisciplinary framework for integrating the ecological, regulatory, procedural and technical
aspects of forest management for fi res prevention under Mediterranean environments. The aims are to: i) provide a foreground of
wildfi re scenario; ii) illustrate the theoretical background of forest fuel management; iii) describe the available fuel management techniques
and mechanical operations for fi re prevention in forest and wildland-urban interfaces, with exemplifi cation of case-studies; iv)allocate fi re prevention activities under the hierarchy of forest planning. The review is conceived as an outline commentary discussion targeted to professionals, technicians and government personnel involved in forestry and environmental management.
ISSN: 2284-354X
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