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Title: FORFUN: a computerized tool to create a ranking of relative importance for forest functions at stand scale
Authors: Portoghesi, Luigi
Alivernini, Alessandro
Cimini, Dora
Bertani, Remo
Marchetti, Marco
Corona, Piermaria
Keywords: Decision support systems;Multifunctional forest management;Mountain forestry;Partecipation process
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Technical University in Zvolen
Source: Portoghesi, L. et al. 2013. FORFUN: a computerized tool to create a ranking of relative importance for forest functions at stand scale. In: Tucek, J. et al. (eds.). Implementation of DSS tools into the forestry practice. Reviewed Conference Proceedings (Zvolen, 10-12 may 2012). Zvolen, Technical University, pp. 93-99
FORFUN (FORest FUNctions) is a computerized tool designed to assign a score to the functions of the forest in a given forest compartment, ranking them in order of importance. To this end a multicriteria algorithm is employed using two criteria: site suitability and stand aptitude for the given functions. For each criterion and for each function a group of indicators represented as GIS layers was chosen. The two criteria can be attributed roughly the same weight as assessed by the planner. The result can be corrected with a coefficient expressing the relative importance assigned to each function by the stakeholders through questionnaires whose outcome are processed by a Saaty matrix.
ISSN: 978-80-228-2510-8
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