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Title: Ciclo di sviluppo del frutto
Authors: Tombesi, Agostino
Gucci, Riccardo
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: Accademia Nazionale dell'Olivo e dell'Olio
Series/Report no.: Collana divulgativa dell'Accademia;Vol. II
Olive fruit structure and composition at harvest are the result of anatomical and developmental features. The olive fruit is a typical drupe consisting of internal stony endocarp, fleshy mesocarp, and external exocarp. The process of olive fruit development is critical for final yield and oil quality and it is the result of complex interactions between genetic, metabolic, hormonal and environmental factors. Although their common origin, the pericarp, the mesocarp and endocarp have a different developmental and metabolic behaviour. The endocarp reaches its final size earlier than the mesocarp and then its cells become lignified in contrast to the basically parenchymatic oil-storing cells of the mesocarp. The overall pattern of olive fruit growth is described by a double sigmoid curve although, under non limiting conditions of soil water availability, growth is almost linear during the central part of the summer. Changes in size, maturation, oil accumulation and quality are related to the cultivar, crop load, temperature, soil moisture, and cultural practices. All these factors affect fruit ripening and oil quality. The mechanisms of olive fruit development, including processes occurring at cellular and molecular levels are here reviewed to provide insights on how the fruit responds to changes in environmental conditions and cultural practices.
Realizzato nell'ambito del progetto "Ricerca ed Innovazione per l'Olivicoltura Meridionale", finanziato dal MiPAAF
ISSN: 2281-4930
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