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Title: Il fiore e la biologia fiorale
Authors: Fiorino, Piero
Marone, Elettra
Rosati, Adolfo
Caporali, Silvia
Paoletti, Andrea
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Publisher: Accademia Nazionale dell'Olivo e dell'Olio
Series/Report no.: Collana divulgativa dell'Accademia;Vol. I
Floral biology includes the series of processes which leads buds to evolve into flowers and fruits. Improving the knowledge on floral biology in olive is important both for scientific understanding and for practical reasons, since optimizing these applications results in better fruit yield. These processes are: induction (the conversion of vegetative to inflorescence buds), differentiations (the actual formation of flower parts in the bud), floral formation (the formation and evolution of the inflorescence and the flowers after bud brake), flowering (timing, flower types, andromonoecy), pollination, fertilization and compatibility, ovary abortion, fruit set. This papers describes all these steps and
discusses the most recent knowledge on olive
floral biology, including some recent theories like the “aging” theory, for which a minimum aging of the meristematic apex is necessary to allow floral induction and differentiation, and the “competition” theory, for which the greater competition for resources among flowers in cultivars with larger flower and fruit sizes, explains the greater ovary abortion and reduced fruit set in such cultivars. Finally, the very low
fruit set and the apparently redundant flowering in olive is explained in evolutionary terms (mail fitness). The paper ends with concluding remark and practical suggestions for improving fruit yield, and provides answers to frequently asked
Realizzato nell'ambito del progetto "Ricerca ed Innovazione per l'Olivicoltura Meridionale", finanziato dal MiPAAF
ISSN: 2281-4930
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