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Title: John Capgrave e Margery Kempe a Roma. Immagini della città a confronto
Authors: Giosuè, Daniela
Keywords: John Capgrave (1393-1464);Ye Solace of Pilgrimes;Margery Kempe (c. 1373-c. 1440);The Book of Margery Kempe;Giuliana di Norwich (c. 1342-c. 1416);Revelations of Divine Love;Santa Brigida di Svezia (1303-1373);Roma;Rome;Medieval pilgrims;Pellegrini medievali;Guide medievali di Roma;Medieval guide-books of Rome;Mirabilia urbis Romae;Graphia aureae urbis;Martirològi;Martyrologies;Libri di indulgenze e reliquie;Books of indulgences and relics;King’s Lynn
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: Sette Città
Source: Giosuè, D. 2012. John Capgrave e Margery Kempe a Roma. Immagini della città a confronto. In: Pifferi,S. e Capitoni, C. (a cura di) Libri di viaggio, libri in viaggio. Studi in onore di Vincenzo De Caprio, Viterbo, Sette Città, pp. 195-210
Series/Report no.: CIRIV testi e studi;
The study compares the images of the city of Rome emerging from two nearly coeval beautiful works by two important literary figures both native of King's Lynn, Norfolk: the mystic Margery Kempe and the Augustinian friar John Capgrave.
While belonging to the genre of travel literature, The Book of Margery Kempe does not contain any description of the places visited by the author, but focuses on her mystical experiences, her actions and her relations with others. As the rest of the work, also the chapters describing her pilgrimage to and stay in Rome are therefore populated by numerous figures belonging to the author’s contemporaneity.
Ye Solace of Pilgrimes is instead characterized by the typical structure and contents of medieval guides of Rome at their last stage of processing and transmits an image of the city which is strictly connected to its historical and mythical past. The description of medieval Rome and its inhabitants is therefore completely missing.
Though conveying very different images of the city, the two works show a profound complementarity: however partial and different from each other they might be, by juxtaposing, or, better, superimposing the two images, one can get a picture of Fifteenth-Century Rome which turns out to be more vivid and, therefore, closer to reality.
ISBN: 978-88-7853-275-6
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