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Title: Stabilità e capacità produttiva di linee inbred di frumento contenenti geni o cromosomi di D. villosum
Authors: Corbellini, Maria
Vaccino, Patrizia
Banfi, Riccardo
Coppa, Tania
De Pace, Ciro
Keywords: Yield stability;Heading earliness;Wheat inbred lines;Dasypyrum villosum
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL
Source: Corbellini, M. et al. 2011. Stabilità e capacità produttiva di linee inbred di frumento contenenti geni o cromosomi di D. villosum. "Scritti e documenti" 44. Roma, Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL, pp. 137-150
High yielding and good bread-making quality varieties are needed to improve common wheat cultivation in North and Central Italy. We evaluated advanced wheat intragression breeding lines (IBL), obtained from wheat Dasypyrum villosum (Dv)hybridization and backcross to the wheat parent, in order to achieve introgression of small portions of the Dv genome into the wheat nuclear genome. The IBLs were included in three
sets of field trials (A, B, and C), each arranged according to a randomized block design, in three locations.
The agronomic performance of the IL over the tested environments evidenced three main results: A) the IL 41-03, 8-1, and Mut 3-04, are ready to enter the registration process
for releasing new high yielding and good quality wheat varieties; B) the IL CS V58,
CS V59, CS V60 showed early heading, and the IBL CS V32 and CS V63 showed resistance to foliar diseases; the grain yield and phenotypic stability of all of them were as
good or superior to the wheat parent “Chinese Spring”, which suggest that they will be useful donors of genes for heading earliness (CS V60 was at least 8 days earlier than both “Chinese Spring” and the earliest check) and disease resistance in future wheat breeding programs; C) An IBL derived from the T. turgidum var durum cv “Modoc” Dv (M V)amphiplod is early heading, with tenacious glumes, and high protein content suitable as a new “farro” for low – input farming systems.
ISSN: 0391-4666
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