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Title: Support of multispectral very high solution remotely sensed imagery for old-growth beech forest detection.
Authors: Di Paolo, Silvia
Giuliarelli, Diego
Ferrari, Barbara
Barbati, Anna
Corona, Piermaria
Keywords: multiresolution segmentation; very high resolution satellite imagery; QuickBird; forest stand structural attributes; Italy.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali
Source: Di Paolo S., Giuliarelli D., Ferrari B., Barbati A., Corona P., 2010 - Support of multispectral very high solution remotely sensed imagery for old-growth beech forest detection. L'Italia Forestale e Montana, 65 (5): 519-527.
In the Mediterranean basin human activity has modified landscapes for millennia,nevertheless there are few remote forest areas relatively untouched long enough from direct anthropogenic disturbance to develop old-growth attributes. The aim of this note is to assess the potential of QuickBird (QB) satellite multispectral imagery for detecting old-growth forest stands, considering as case study a Mediterranean beech forest in central Italy. The segmentation-based analysis of QB image proved to be a promising tool to detect scaledependent pattern of forest structural heterogeneity. Values of remotely sensed attributes are compared in old-growth and not-old-growth stands: the statistical analysis showed that oldgrowthness is associated to the variability of multispectral reflectance from the image objects (polygons). Green band variability, notably, expressed by Ratio_band_2 has proven to be helpful for predicting old-growthness.
ISSN: 0021-2776
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