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Title: Not working on mice or humans
Other Titles: A Pipeline to Rapidly Generate Species-specific Microarrays from Sequence Databases
Authors: Pariset, Lorraine
Bueno, Susana
Bongiorni, Silvia
Valentini, Alessio
Keywords: Microarray;Microarray
Issue Date: 6-Apr-2011
Microarrays technology is fast devel-
oping and its application is expanding
from Homo sapiens to a wide number
of species where enough information
on sequences and annotations are
available. The number of species for
which a dedicated platform exists is
not high. The Expressed Sequence
Tags (ESTs) databases represent a
collection of anonymous sequences
that can be used to build species spe-
cific microarrays for species whose
genome sequences are largely un-
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