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Title: Sperm quality and reproductive traits in male offspring of female rabbits exposed to Lindane (γ-HCH) during pregnancy and lactation
Authors: Fausto, Anna Maria
Morera, Patrizia
Margarit, Rita
Taddei, Anna Rita
Keywords: Lindane;rabbit reproduction;spermatozoa;transmission electron microscopy
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Reproduction Nutrition Development
Series/Report no.: DOI: 10.1051/rnd:2001125;
Fifteen Grimaud female hybrid rabbits, 135 days old and weighting an average of kg each, were administered an oral dose of 1 mgkg-1 body weight of Lindane during gestation and lactation period. Fertility rate, libido, volume of ejaculate, concentration and morphology of spermatozoa were investigated to test the effects of the treatment on reproductive traits of first generation male rabbits. Ultrastructure of abnormal spermatozoa was described by Transmission Electron Microscopy and the different abnormalities were quantified. The results obtained indicate that low dose exposure of Lindane has effects on spermatozoa ultrastructure that proved to be susceptible to the treatment with the pesticide (cytoplasmic droplets: 5.3% in control group and 10.3% in Lindane group, ; coiled tails: 1.3% in control group and 4.3% in Lindane group, ) and could be utilised as a good marker of toxicity
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