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Title: Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of durum wheat chromosome transfers with 1D-associated gluten protein genes and their pyramiding
Authors: Gennaro, Andrea
Forte, Paola
Lattanzi, Gionata
Ferri, Daniela
Carozza, Roberta
D'Egidio, Maria Grazia
Lafiandra, Domenico
Ceoloni, Carla
Keywords: Triticum durum;Triticum aestivum;Gluten quality;Chromosome engineering;Glu-1;Glu-3;Qualità glutine;Ingegneria cromosomica
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: INRA
Source: Gennaro, A. et al. 2009. Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of durum wheat chromosome transfers with 1D-associated gluten protein genes and their pyramiding. In: Abstracts book of the 19th International Triticeae Mapping Initiative (ITMI)-3rd COST Tritigen Conference (Clermont-Ferrand, August 31st-September 4th 2009), p. 125
Gluten quality of bread wheat is known to be mainly associated with high- (HMW-GS) and low-(LMW-GS) molecular weight glutenin subunits encoded by Glu-1 (L arm of group-1 chromosomes) and Glu-3 (S arm of group-1 chromosomes) genes, respectively, with the 1D alleles of such genes having the major impact on bread making properties. Transfer of chromosomal segments containing the Glu-D1 and Gli-D1/Glu-D3 loci was successfully achieved in a number of instances resorting to chromosome engineering. Using this strategy, we isolated two 1A-1D recombinant lines, in which the Gli-D1/Glu-D3 genes and the Glu-D1d allele (HMW-GS "5+10") were separately transferred into the 1AS and 1AL arm, respectively, of recipient durum wheat lines (named PS and PL, respectively). Also, a detailed genetic map of both recombinant chromosome arms was developed. Stable PS + PL double-recombinant lines have been obtained as a result of homologous recombination in the 1A portions shared by the two recombinant chromosomes present in PS x PL hybrids. Preliminary quality tests suggest that the Glu-D3 + Glu-D1d combined presence could determine a slight increase of gluten quality parameters over those associated with Glu-D1d alone.
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