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Title: Tardigradi muscicoli e dulcacquicoli di Sardegna
Authors: Binda, Maria Grazia
Guglielmino, Adalgisa
Keywords: Tardigrada;Fauna di Sardegna
Issue Date: 1982
Publisher: Universit√† degli Studi di Catania
Source: Binda, M.G., Guglielmino, A. 1982. Tardigradi muscicoli e dulcacquicoli di Sardegna. "Animalia" 9 (1-3): 199-211
Tha Authors have found 40 species of Tardigrada in mosses and freshwater of Sardinia. Of these species, 21 had never been mentioned for the island. The total number of species of Tardigrada in Sardinia goes up to 50.
ISSN: 0391-7746
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