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Title: MIKC type genes of the MADS-box family in wheat: molecular and phylogenetic analysis.
Authors: Paolacci, Anna Rita
Tanzarella, Oronzo A.
Porceddu, Enrico
Ciaffi, Mario
Keywords: MADS-box genes;Gene expression;Wheat;Geni MADS-box;Espressione genica;Frumento
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Sydney University Press
Source: Paolacci A.R. et al. 2008. MIKC type genes of the MADS-box family in wheat: molecular and phylogenetic analysis. In: Appels R.(a cura di) Proceedings of the 11th International Wheat Genetics Symposium. (24-29 August 2008 Brisbane, Australia) 1-3
The MADS-box family of transcription factors play key
roles in the control of development and signal
transduction in eukaryotes (1). The MADS family
contains a DNA-binding domain (MADS box) and
includes two main lineages, type I and type II, both of
which are present in plants, animals and fungi (2). Type
II MADS-box proteins of plants,also named as MIKCtype
proteins, possess three more domains than Type I
MADS-box proteins: intervening (I) domain, keratinlike
(K) domain and C-terminal (C) domain. In plants
MIKC-type genes are involved in several important
developmental processes, such as flower morphogenesis,
ovule development, vegetative growth, embryogenesis
and fruit formation, and through phylogenetic analysis
based on sequence comparison, they have been
classified into 13 subfamilies (3). The MIKC
transcription factors controlling floral organ identity are
the best characterized. Analysis of homeotic floral
mutants of Arabidopsis resulted in the formulation of the
ABCDE genetic model, which explains how the
combined functions and organ-specific expression of
five gene classes (A, B, C, D and E) specify the identity
of the floral organs (sepals, petals, stamens and carpels),
forming the four concentric whorls, and ovules (4,5).
The most comprehensive cloning and characterization of
MIKC genes of grasses have been carried out in maize
and rice (6,7). In this study we extend a detailed
characterization of the diversity and complexity of
MIKC-type genes to hexaploid wheat.
ISBN: 978-1-920899-14-1
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