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Title: Gene expression induced by chronic ozone in the Mediterranean shrub Phillyrea latifolia: analylis cDNA-AFLP.
Authors: Paolacci, Anna Rita
Miraldi, Cristiano
Tanzarella, Oronzo A.
Badiani, Maurizio
Porceddu, Enrico
Nali, Cristina
Lorenzini, Giacomo
Ciaffi, Mario
Keywords: Phillyrea latifolia;cDNA-AFLP;Ozone;Gene expression;Phillyrea latifolia;cDNA-AFLP;Ozono;Espressione genica
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Heron Publishing
Source: Paolacci, A.R. et al. 2007. Gene expression induced by chronic ozone in the Mediterranean shrub Phillyrea latifolia: analylis cDNA-AFLP. "Tree physiology" 27(11): 1541-1550
Seedlings of Phillyrea latifolia L., a Mediterranean
shrub, were exposed for 90 days to 110 nl l –1 ozone (O3).
Comparison of the cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism
(cDNA-AFLP) patterns for treated and control plants allowed
the identification and cloning of 88 differential sequences
induced by O3. The differential expression of 67
cloned sequenceswas further confirmed byRT-PCR. The functions
of 36 cloned sequences, corresponding to seven of the
twelve gene functional classes of Arabidopsis, were presumed
on the basis of their homology with characterized gene sequences.
Ozone induction of genes homologous to 24 of the
clones has been reported in other plant species, whereas the induction
of the 12 remaining sequences has not been observed
before. Ozone activation of these newly identified genes could
be a result of the chronic exposure to low O3 concentration, because
in most previous studies, acute treatments, involving
high O3 dosages, were applied. Possible roles of the cloned sequences
in the response of P. latifolia to O3 and other causes of
oxidative stress are discussed.
ISSN: 0829318X
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