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Title: Flow Time estimation with variable hillslope velocity in ungauged basins
Authors: Grimaldi, Salvatore
Petroselli, Andrea 
Alonso, Gustavo
Nardi, Fernando
Keywords: Ungauged basin;Unit hydrograph;Terrain analysis;DEM;Width function;Hillslope hydrology
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Elsevier
Source: Grimaldi, S. et al. 2010. Flow Time estimation with variable hillslope velocity in ungauged basins. "Advances in Water Resources" 33(10): 1216-1223
The automated spatial estimation of the hillslope runoff dynamics is used as a valuable tool for the estimation of the travel time distribution (flow time), a major factor for the hydrologic prediction in
ungauged basins. In fact, while the flow time function is usually obtained by rescaling the flow paths with constant channel and hillslope velocities, in this work a spatially distributed kinematic component, as a function of terrain features and in particular slope and land use, is implemented and its influence on the
hydrologic response is tested by means of the Width Function Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (WFIUH)framework. Hillslope surface flow velocities are evaluated by applying different uniform flow formulas
within an automated DEM-based (terrain analysis) algorithm. A comparison test of the performances of the Manning, Darcy, Maidment and Soil Conservation Service uniform flow equations is performed for several case studies in Italy pertaining to different climatic and geomorphic conditions. Results provide new insights
for a better understanding of the flow time function also introducing a more parsimonious and physicallybased calibration scheme of the WFIUH.
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ISSN: 0309-1708
DOI: 10.1016/j.advwatres.2010.06.003
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