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12022The digital project “A tu per tu” as an educational tool for inclusivity at the universityMontanari, Mirca ; Zingoni, Andrea ; Urbani, Tony ; Taborri, Juri ; Pireddu, Mario ; Calabro, G. ; Panetti, V.
22022Il progetto digitale “A TU PER TU” come strumento educativo inclusivo all'universitàMontanari, Mirca ; Zingoni, Andrea ; Taborri, Juri ; Urbani, Tony ; Panetti, Valentina; Pireddu, Mario ; Calabro, G. 
32021Investigating Issues and Needs of Dyslexic Students at University: Proof of Concept of an Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality-Based Supporting Platform and Preliminary ResultsZingoni, Andrea ; Taborri, Juri ; Panetti, Valentina; Bonechi, Simone; Aparicio-Martinez, Pilar; Pinzi, Sara; Calabro, G. 
42022Clustering analysis of factors affecting academic career of university students with dyslexia in ItalyBenedetti, Ilaria ; Calabro, G. ; Taborri, Juri ; Barone, Marcella; Zingoni, Andrea ; Urbani, Tony 
52017A flexible algorithm for detecting challenging moving objects in real-time within IR video sequencesZingoni, Andrea ; Diani, Marco; Corsini, Giovanni