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Costantini, L.
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12020The seed of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.): Nutritional Quality and Potential Functionality for Human Health and NutritionFarinon, Barbara; Molinari, Romina; Costantini, Lara ; Merendino, Nicolo' 
22021The Effect of Trans Fatty Acids on Human Health: Regulation and Consumption PatternsPipoyan, Davit; Stepanyan, Stella; Stepanyan, Seda; Beglaryan, Meline; Costantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Merendino, Nicolò 
32018Tartary buckwheat malt as ingredient of gluten-free cookiesMolinari, Romina; Costantini, Lara ; Timperio, Annamaria ; Lelli, Veronica; Bonafaccia, Francesco; Bonafaccia, Giovanni; Merendino, Nicolo' 
42017Risk Assessment of Population Exposure to Toxic Trace Elements via Consumption of Vegetables and Fruits Grown in Some Mining Areas of ArmeniaPipoyan, Davit; Beglaryan, Meline; Costantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Merendino, Nicolo' 
52020Retinoic Acids in the Treatment of Most Lethal Solid CancersCostantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Farinon, Barbara; Merendino, Nicolo' 
62022Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids as Prebiotics: Innovation or Confirmation?Rinninella, Emanuele; Costantini, Lara 
72020Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Microbiota Relationship: Implications in Cancer Onset and TreatmentCostantini, Lara ; Merendino, Nicolo' 
82021Polyphenols as modulators of pre-established gut microbiota dysbiosis: State-of-the-artMolinari, Romina; Merendino, Nicolò ; Costantini, Lara 
92015Pasta containing tartary buckwheat sprouts prevents DNA damage in spontaneously hypertensive ratsMeschini, Roberta ; Filippi, Silvia; Molinari, Romina; Costantini, Lara ; Bonafaccia, Giovanni; Merendino, Nicolo' 
102023Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (n-3 PUFAs) for Immunomodulation in COVID-19 Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)Velotti, Francesca Romana ; Costantini, Lara ; Merendino, Nicolo' 
112017Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on the Gut MicrobiotaCostantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Farinon, Barbara; Merendino, Nicolo' 
122023Hazelnut Skin Waste as a Functional Ingredient to Nutritionally Improve a Classic Shortbread Cookie RecipeCostantini, Lara ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa ; Molinari, Romina; Garzoli, Stefania; Massantini, Riccardo ; Merendino, Nicolo' 
132022Food Emulsifiers and Metabolic Syndrome: The Role of the Gut MicrobiotaDe Siena, Martina; Raoul, Pauline; Costantini, Lara ; Scarpellini, Emidio; Cintoni, Marco; Gasbarrini, Antonio; Rinninella, Emanuele; Mele, Maria Cristina
142019Effects of Chia seed supplementation on biochemical markers of cardiometabolic diseases in spontaneously hypertensive ratsCostantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Merendino, Nicolo' 
152022Effect of malting on nutritional and antioxidant properties of the seeds of two industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivarsFarinon, Barbara; Costantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Di Matteo, Giacomo; Garzoli, Stefania; Ferri, Serena; Ceccantoni, Brunella; Mannina, Luisa; Merendino, Nicolo' 
162015Effect of Dietary 𝜔-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid DHA on Glycolytic Enzymes and Warburg Phenotypes in CancerManzi, Laura; Costantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Merendino, Nicolo' 
172020Docosahexaenoic Acid Reverted the All-trans Retinoic Acid-Induced Cellular Proliferation of T24 Bladder Cancer Cell LineCostantini, Lara ; Molinari, Romina; Farinon, Barbara; Lelli, Veronica; Timperio, Annamaria ; Merendino, Nicolo' 
182013Dietary ω -3 polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA: a potential adjuvant in the treatment of cancerMerendino, Nicolo' ; Costantini, Lara ; Manzi, Laura; Molinari, Romina; D'Eliseo, Donatella; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
192014Development of gluten-free bread using tartary buckwheat and chia flour rich in flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids as ingredientsCostantini, Lara ; Lukšič, Lea; Molinari, Romina; Kreft, Ivan; Bonafaccia, Giovanni; Manzi, Laura; Merendino, Nicolo' 
202018Characterization of human breast tissue microbiota from core needle biopsies through the analysis of multi hypervariable 16S-rRNA gene regionsCostantini, Lara ; Magno, Stefano; Albanese, Davide; Donati, Claudio; Molinari, Romina; Filippone, Alessio; Masetti, Riccardo; Merendino, Nicolo'