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12021UAV-Based Thermal, RGB Imaging and Gene Expression Analysis Allowed Detection of Fusarium Head Blight and Gave New Insights Into the Physiological Responses to the Disease in Durum Wheatfrancesconi, sara ; Harfouche, Antoine ; Maesano, Mauro ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
22021UAV-based thermal, RGB imaging and gene expression analysis allowed detection of Fusarium head blight and gave new insights into the physiological responses to the disease in durum wheatfrancesconi, sara 
32020The modulation of stomatal conductance and photosynthetic parameters is involved in Fusarium head blight resistance in wheatfrancesconi, sara ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
42019Screening on natural active compounds as an eco-sustainable weapon against different bacterial and fungal plant pathogensfrancesconi, sara 
52018Phenotypic and genotypic studies to evaluate Fusarium head blight type I and type II resistances in Italian wheat cvsfrancesconi, sara 
62019Phenomics analysis and risk prediction of FHBfrancesconi, sara 
72019Natural compounds assessments for ecosustainable FHB control strategiesfrancesconi, sara 
82022Inorganic nanomaterials usable in plant protection strategiesfrancesconi, sara ; Schiavi, Daniele; di Lorenzo, Veronica; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
92022High-throughput and point-of-care detection of wheat fungal diseases: Potentialities of molecular and phenomics techniques toward in-field applicabilityfrancesconi, sara 
102021First report of Fusarium nodosum (L. Lombard & Crous) on durum wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum) in ItalyFelici Linda; francesconi, sara 
112022Exploring cellulose nanocrystals obtained from olive tree wastes as sustainable crop protection tool against bacterial diseasesSchiavi, Daniele; francesconi, sara ; Taddei, Anna Rita; Fortunati, Elena; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
122021Exploiting the synergist properties of chitosan and gallic acid functionalized with cellulose nanocrystals and starch to manage main Italian fungal and bacterial plant diseasesfrancesconi, sara 
132019Evaluation of tannins respect to their biostimulant and antibacterial activity on tomato plantsfrancesconi, sara 
142019Different inoculation methods affect components of Fusarium head blight resistance in wheatfrancesconi, sara ; Mazzaglia, A. ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
152019Development of new delivery systems based on derivatized cellulose nanocrystalsEuticchio G; Francesconi, Sara 
162019Deoxynivalenol Detoxification in Transgenic Wheat Confers Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight and Crown Rot DiseasesMandalĂ , Giulia; Tundo, Silvio; francesconi, sara ; Gevi, Federica ; Zolla, Lello ; Ceoloni, Carla ; D'Ovidio, Renato
172021Chitosan Hydrochloride Decreases Fusarium graminearum Growth and Virulence and Boosts Growth, Development and Systemic Acquired Resistance in Two Durum Wheat GenotypesFrancesconi, Sara ; Steiner, Barbara; Buerstmayr, Hermann; Lemmens, Marc; Sulyok, Michael; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
182021Biological effectiveness of Bacillus subtilis on common bean bacterial blightBelete, Tibebu; Bastas, Kubilay Kurtulus; francesconi, sara ; Balestra, Giorgio Mariano 
192021Antibacterial activity of tannins towards Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato, and their potential as biostimulants on tomato plantsCanzoniere, Paolo; francesconi, sara ; Giovando, Samuele; Balestra, Giorgio M.
202019Antibacterial activity of hydrolysable tannins against Pst and their potential biostimulant activities on tomato plantsPaolo Canzoniere; francesconi, sara