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Vitali, Andrea
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Livestock and climate change: impact of livestock on climate and mitigation strategiesGrossi, G.; Goglio, P.; Vitali, Andrea ; Williams, Ag
22019Lipolytic volatile compounds in dairy products derived from cows fed with dried olive pomaceCastellani, Federica; Vitali, Andrea ; Bernardi, Nadia; Marone, Elettra; Grotta, Lisa; Martino, Giuseppe
32020How does it taste? Appreciation of insect-based snacks and its determinantsCicatiello, Clara ; Vitali, Andrea ; Lacetera, Nicola 
42020Heat load increases the risk of clinical mastitis in dairy cattleVitali, Andrea ; Felici, A.; Lees, A.; Giacinti, G.; Maresca, C.; Bernabucci, Umberto; Gaughan, John; Nardone, A.; Lacetera, N.
52020Estimation of maximum thermo-hygrometric index thresholds affecting milk production in Italian Brown Swiss cattleMaggiolino, A.; De Palo, P.; Dahl, G. E.; Bartolomeo, N.; Bernabucci, U.; Vitali, Andrea ; Serio, G.; Cassandro, M.; Centoducati, G.; Santus, E.
62019The changes of climate may threat the production of Grana Padano cheese: past, recent and future scenariosVitali, Andrea ; Segnalini, M.; Esposito, S.; Lacetera, Nicola ; Nardone, A.; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Esposito Lacetera, S. N.
72020Carbon Footprint of Mediterranean Pasture-Based Native Beef: Effects of Agronomic Practices and Pasture Management under Different Climate Change ScenariosGrossi, G.; Vitali, Andrea ; Lacetera, Nicola ; Danieli, Pierpaolo ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Nardone, A.