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Moscetti, Roberto
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Yield and quality of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) as affected by cover crop species and residue managementRadicetti, Emanuele; Massantini, Riccardo ; Campiglia, Enio ; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Ferri, S,; Moscetti, Roberto 
22021Stinging Nettles as Potential Food Additive: Effect of Drying Processes on Quality Characteristics of Leaf PowdersNallan Chakravartula, Swathi Sirisha; Moscetti, Roberto ; Farinon, Barbara; Vinciguerra, Vittorio ; Merendino, Nicolo' ; Bedini, Giacomo; Neri, Lilia; Pittia, Paola; Massantini, Riccardo 
32018Real-time monitoring of organic apple (var. Gala) during hot-air drying using near-infrared spectroscopyMoscetti, Roberto ; Raponi, Flavio; Ferri, Serena; Colantoni, Andrea ; Monarca, Danilo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
42020Optimisation of Physical and Chemical Treatments to Control Browning Development and Enzymatic Activity on Fresh‐cut Apple SlicesShrestha, L.; Kulig, B.; Moscetti, Roberto ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Pawelzik, E.; Hensel, O.; Sturm, B.
52016Near-infrared spectroscopy for detection of hailstorm damage on olive fruitMoscetti, Roberto ; Haff, Ron P.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
62014Near infrared spectroscopy is suitable for the classification of hazelnuts according to Protected Designation of OriginMoscetti, Roberto ; Radicetti, Emanuele; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
72017Monitoring and optimization of the process of drying fruits and vegetables using computer vision: A reviewRaponi, Flavio; Moscetti, Roberto ; Monarca, Danilo ; Colantoni, Andrea ; Massantini, Riccardo 
82022Impact of 'brown rot' caused by Gnomoniopsis castanea on chestnut fruits during the post-harvest process: critical phases and proposed solutionsMorales-Rodriguez, Carmen; Bastianelli, Giorgia; Caccia, Romina; Bedini, Giacomo; Massantini, Riccardo ; Moscetti, Roberto ; Thomidis, Thomas; Vannini, Andrea 
92015Hazelnut Quality Sorting Using High Dynamic Range Short-Wave Infrared Hyperspectral ImagingMoscetti, Roberto ; Saeys, Wouter; Keresztes, Janos C.; Goodarzi, Mohammad; Cecchini, Massimo ; Monarca, Danilo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
102015Feasibility of NIR spectroscopy to detect olive fruit infested by Bactrocera oleaeMoscetti, Roberto ; Haff, Ron P.; Stella, Elisabetta; Contini, Marina; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massantini, Riccardo 
112019Effects of hot-water and steam blanching of sliced potato on polyphenol oxidase activityMoscetti, Roberto ; Raponi, F.; Monarca, Danilo ; Bedini, G.; Ferri, S.; Massantini, Riccardo 
122020Comparison between Hyperspectral Imaging and Chemical Analysis of Polyphenol Oxidase Activity on Fresh-Cut Apple SlicesShrestha, L.; Kulig, B.; Moscetti, Roberto ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Pawelzik, E.; Hensel, O.; Sturm, B.
132021Chestnut Cultivar Identification through the Data Fusion of Sensory Quality and FT-NIR Spectral DataCorona, Piermaria ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa ; Moscetti, Roberto ; Lo Feudo, Gabriella; Castellotti, Tatiana; Massantini, Riccardo 
142019Application on-line NIR spectroscopy and other process analytical technology tools to the characterization of soy sauce desalting by electrodialysisMoscetti, Roberto ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Fidaleo, Marcello 
152021A Review on High-Power Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Olive Oils: Effect on Oil Yield, Quality, Chemical Composition and Consumer PerceptionNardella, Marco; Moscetti, Roberto ; Nallan Chakravartula, Swathi Sirisha; Bedini, Giacomo; Massantini, Riccardo