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Contarini, Mario
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Use of ROOT to build a software optimized for parameter estimation and simulations with Distributed Delay ModelRossini, L.; Severini, M.; Contarini, Mario ; Speranza, Stefano 
22019An updated checklist of the extant Western Palaearctic Dryininae (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Olmi, M.; Liu, J.; Contarini, Mario 
32020Reformulation of the Distributed Delay Model to describe insect pest populations using count variablesRossini, Luca ; Contarini, Mario ; Severini, Maurizio; Speranza, Stefano 
42020A novel version of the Von Foerster equation to describe poikilothermic organisms including physiological age and reproduction rateRossini, Luca ; Contarini, Mario ; Speranza, Stefano 
52019A novel modelling approach to describe an insect life cycle vis-a-vis plant protection: description and application in the case study of Tuta absolutaRossini, L.; Severini, M.; Contarini, Mario ; Speranza, S.
62019A new species of the genus Dryinus Latreille (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae) from the USASperanza, Stefano ; Olmi, M.; Guglielmino, A.; Contarini, Mario 
72020Modelling Drosophila suzukii adult male populations: A physiologically based approach with validationRossini, Luca ; Contarini, Mario ; Giarruzzo, Federica; Assennato, Matteo; Speranza, Stefano 
82020A Modelling Approach to Describe the Anthonomus eugenii (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Life Cycle in Plant Protection: A Priori and a Posteriori AnalysisRossini, Luca ; Contarini, Mario ; Severini, Maurizio; Talano, Daniele; Speranza, Stefano 
92020An important intermediate step in the evolution of pincer wasps: an extraordinary new type of chela from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)Olmi, M.; Perkovsky, E. E.; Martynova, K. V.; Contarini, Mario ; Bückle, C.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa 
102019Gonatopus jaliscanus sp. n., a new Pincer wasp from Jalisco, Mexico (Hymenoptera, Dryinidae)Speranza, Stefano ; Olmi, M.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Contarini, Mario 
112020Fungal pathogen and ethanol affect host selection and colonization success in ambrosia beetlesRassati, D.; Contarini, Mario ; Ranger, Cm; Cavaletto, G.; Rossini, L.; Speranza, Stefano ; Faccoli, M.; Marini, L.
122019Fungal community associated with adults of the chestnut gall wasp Dryocosmus kuriphilus after emergence from galls: Taxonomy and functional ecologyMorales-rodriguez, C.; Sferrazza, I.; Aleandri, M.; Dalla Valle, M.; Mazzetto, T.; Speranza, Stefano ; Contarini, Mario ; Vannini, A.
132020First record of Xylosandrus germanus (Blandford) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in the Mediterranean scrubland in Southern Italy, and its co-presence with the co-generic species X. compactus (Eichhoff) and X. crassiusculus (Motschulsky)Contarini, Mario ; Vannini, A.; Giarruzzo, F.; Faccoli, M.; Morales-rodriguez, C.; Rossini, L.; Speranza, Stefano 
142020Feasibility of FT-NIR spectroscopy and Vis/NIR hyperspectral imaging for sorting unsound chestnutsBedini, G.; Moscetti, Roberto ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Giacomo, Bedini1; Swathi, Sirisha Nallan Chakravartula1; Giorgia, Bastianelli1; Romina, Caccia1; Mario, Contarini2; Carmen, Morales-rodríguez1; Luca, Rossini2; Stefano, Speranza2; Nallan Chakravartula, S.; Roberto, Moscetti1; Riccardo, Massantini1; Bastianelli, G.; Caccia, R.; Contarini, Mario ; Morales-rodríguez, R.; Rossini, L.; Speranza, S.; Vannini, Andrea 
152020EntoSim, a ROOT-based simulator to forecast insects’ life cycle: Description and application in the case of Lobesia botranaRossini, L.; Severini, M.; Contarini, Mario ; Speranza, Stefano 
162020Distributed Delay Model and Von Foerster's equation: Different points of view to describe insects' life cycles with chronological age and physiological timeRossini, Luca ; Speranza, Stefano ; Contarini, Mario 
172020Discovery of a new species of Embolemus Westwood (Hymenoptera: Embolemidae) from New CaledoniaContarini, Mario ; Olmi, M.; Capradossi, L.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa