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12018Worrying about 'vertical landscapes': Terraced olive groves and ecosystem services in marginal land in central ItalyBrunori, Elena ; Salvati, Luca; Antogiovanni, Angela; Biasi, Rita 
22020Using UAV‐based Remote Sensing to Assess Grapevine Canopy Damages Due to Fire SmokeBrunori, Elena ; Maesano, Mauro ; Moresi, Federico V.; Antolini, Adriano; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Forniti, Roberto; Biasi, Rita ; Mencarelli, Fabio
32019The hidden land conservation benefits of olive-based (Olea europaea L.) landscapes: An agroforestry investigation in the southern Mediterranean (Calabria region, Italy)Brunori, Elena ; Maesano, Mauro ; Moresi, Federico Valerio ; Matteucci, Giorgio; Biasi, Rita ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
42023Soil–Plant Interaction Mediated by Indigenous AMF in Grafted and Own-Rooted Grapevines under Field ConditionsBiasi, Rita ; Brunori, Elena ; Vanino, Silvia; Bernardini, Alessandra; Catalani, Alessia; Farina, Roberta; Bruno, Antonio; Chilosi, Gabriele 
52021Smart Monitoring Technologies for Defining Variability in Vineyard Microclimate, and Vinegrape PerformancesMaesano, Mauro ; Moresi, Federico Valerio ; Greco, Manuel; Leccese, Fabio; Leccisi, Mariagrazia; Francesco, Eduardo De; Brunori, Elena ; Biasi, Rita ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe 
62021Response of olive shoots to salinity stress suggests the involvement of sulfur metabolismBashir, Muhammad Ajmal; Silvestri, Cristian ; Coppa, Eleonora; Brunori, Elena ; Cristofori, Valerio ; Rugini, Eddo ; Ahmad, Touqeer; Hafiz, Ishfaq Ahmad; Abbasi, Nadeem Akhtar; Nawaz Shah, Muhammad Kausar; Astolfi, Stefania 
72022Ozone treatments to induce systemic-acquired resistance in leaves of potted vines: molecular responses and NIR evaluation for identifying effective dose and exposition durationModesti, Margherita ; Forniti, Roberto; Brunori, Elena ; Mencarelli, Fabio; Bellincontro, Andrea ; Tonutti, Pietro
82022LED Lighting Effects on Plant Growth and Quality of Pyrus communis L. Propagated In VitroLupo, Michela; Bashir, Muhammad Ajmal; Silvestri, Cristian ; Brunori, Elena ; Pica, Aniello Luca; Cristofori, Valerio 
92023Is there any influence of biodynamic preparation 501 on the physiological activity of grape leaves cv. Cesanese d’Affile?Pettinelli, Stefano; Buzzi, Laura; Ceccantoni, Brunella; Muleo, Rosario ; Bianchi, Alessandro; Brunori, Elena ; Mencarelli, Fabio
102022Introducing on-the-go sensing rover for vines canopy abiotic stressors detectionPasinetti, Simone; Maesano, Mauro ; Brunori, Elena ; Moresi, Federico Valerio ; Bernardini, Alessandra; Cirenei, Paolo; Biasi, Rita 
112019The hidden land conservation benefits of olive-based (Olea europaea L.) landscapes: An agroforestry investigation in the southern Mediterranean (Calabria region, Italy)Brunori, Elena ; Maesano, Mauro ; Moresi, Federico Valerio; Matteucci, Giorgio; Biasi, Rita ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Giuseppe
122022Field survey and UAV remote sensing as tools for evaluating the canopy management effects in smallholder grapevine farmBrunori, Elena ; Moresi, Federico Valerio ; Maesano, Mauro ; Matteo de Horatis; Salvati, Riccardo ; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe ; Biasi, Rita 
132021Family Farming Plays an Essential Role in Preserving Soil Functionality: A Study on Active Managed and Abandoned Traditional Tree Crop-Based SystemsBiasi, Rita ; Farina, Roberta; Brunori, Elena 
142023Effect of ‘Dundee’ rootstock on growth, morphology, and nutrient uptake in ‘Tonda di Giffoni’ hazelnutPacchiarelli, Alberto; Silvestri, Cristian ; Brunori, Elena ; Cristofori, Valerio 
152022Ecophysiological Response of Vitis vinifera L. in an Urban Agrosystem: Preliminary Assessment of Genetic VariabilityBrunori, Elena ; Bernardini, Alessandra; Moresi, Federico Valerio ; Attorre, Fabio; Biasi, Rita 
162007Docking and molecular dynamics simulation of the Azurin-Cytochrome c551 electron transfer complexBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Brunori, Elena ; Bonanni, Beatrice; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
172017Biochemical markers for enological potentiality in a grapevine aromatic variety under different soil typesDe Santis, Diana ; Frangipane, Maria Teresa ; Brunori, Elena ; Cirigliano, Pasquale; Biasi, Rita 
182019Assessing Impacts of Climate Change on Phenology and Quality Traits of Vitis vinifera L.: The Contribution of Local KnowledgeBiasi, Rita ; Brunori, Elena ; Ferarra, C.; Salvati, L.; Carlotta, Ferrara; Luca, Salvati
192023Agrobiodiversity-Based Landscape Design in Urban AreasBiasi, Rita ; Brunori, Elena