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Benucci, Ilaria
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12019Yeast cells in double layer calcium alginate–chitosan microcapsules for sparkling wine productionBenucci, Ilaria ; Cerreti, M.; Maresca, D.; Mauriello, G.; Esti, Marco 
22020Tailored and synergistic enzyme-assisted extraction of carotenoid-containing chromoplasts from tomatoesLombardelli, C.; Liburdi, Katia ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
32019Synergistic recovery of natural food pigments from unsold tomatoes by enzyme-assisted extractionBenucci, Ilaria ; Liburdi, K.; Lombardelli, C.
42020Prolyl endopeptidase from Aspergillus niger immobilized on a food-grade carrier for the production of gluten-reduced beerBenucci, Ilaria ; Milda, Keršienė; Esti, Marco ; Caso, Mc; Bavaro, T.; Masci, Stefania ; Keršienė, M.; Maria, Chiara Caso; Teodora, Bavaro
52019Production of gluten-free beer from barley malt by Immobilized protease in fluidized bed reactorBenucci, Ilaria ; Caso, Mc; Esti, M.
62019Prevention of haze formation in pomegranate juice by continuous multi-enzymatic treatmentBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, C.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, M.
72020Papain covalently immobilized on Chitosan–Clay nanocomposite films: Application in synthetic and real white wineBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Cacciotti, Ilaria; Esti, Marco 
82020Papain covalently immobilized on Chitosan–Clay nanocomposite films: Application in synthetic and real white wineBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, Marco 
92021Novel microencapsulated yeast for the primary fermentation of green beer: kinetic behavior, volatiles and sensory profileBenucci, Ilaria ; Cecchi, Teresa; Lombardelli, Claudio; Maresca, Diamante; Mauriello, Gianluigi; Esti, Marco 
102021Novel food colorants from tomatoes: Stability of carotenoid-containing chromoplasts under different storage conditionsLombardelli, Claudio; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
112022Natural colorants from vegetable food waste: Recovery, regulatory aspects, and stability-A reviewBenucci, Ilaria ; Lombardelli, Claudio; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
122019Multi-enzymatic Systems Immobilized on Chitosan Beads for Pomegranate Juice Treatment in Fluidized Bed Reactor: Effect on Haze-Active Molecules and Chromatic PropertiesBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, C.; Lombardelli, C.; Cacciotti, I.; Esti, Marco 
132016Lysozyme immobilized on chitosan beads: Kinetic characterization and antimicrobial activity in white winesLiburdi, Katia ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Palumbo, F.; Esti, Marco 
142020Lipase-mediated hydrolysis of hempseed oil in a packed-bed reactor and in-line purification of PUFA as mono- and diacylglycerolsBavaro, T.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Pedrali, A.; Marrubini, G.; Esti, Marco ; Terreni, M.; Massolini, G.; Ubiali, D.
152019Intra-varietal variability of Romanesco variety (Vitis vinifera L.)Muganu, Massimo ; Paolocci, Marco; Primiceri, Simona; Tartaglia, Riccardo; Benucci, Ilaria ; Cerreti, Martina; D'Onofrio, Claudio; Paolacci, Anna Rita; Bignami, Cristina
162022Inclusion of curcumin in b-cyclodextrin: a promising prospective as food ingredientBenucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Lombardelli, Claudio; Del Franco, Felicia; Cerreti, Martina; Esti, Marco 
172020Immobilization of γ-Glutamyl Transpeptidase from Equine Kidney for the Synthesis of kokumi CompoundsBruni, M.; Robescu, Ms; Ubiali, D.; Marrubini, G.; Vanna, R.; Morasso, C.; Benucci, Ilaria ; Speranza, G.; Bavaro, T.
182022Green Enzymatic Recovery of Functional Bioactive Compounds from Unsold Vegetables: Storability and Potential Health BenefitsLombardelli, Claudio; Benucci, Ilaria ; Mazzocchi, Caterina; Esti, Marco 
192020Evolution of phenolic and volatile compounds during bottle storage of a white wine without added sulfitePati, S.; Crupi, P.; Savastano, Ml; Benucci, Ilaria ; Esti, Marco 
202011Effect of wine inhibitors on free pineapple stem bromelain activity in a model wine systemEsti, Marco ; Benucci, Ilaria ; Liburdi, Katia; Garzillo, Anna Maria Vittoria