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Benedetti, Ilaria
benedetti, Ilaria
Benedetti, Ilaria
Ilaria, Benedetti
ilaria, benedetti
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Water use efficiency and public goods conservation: A spatial stochastic frontier model applied to irrigation in Southern ItalyLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria ; Branca, Giacomo 
22020The native-migrant gap in job satisfaction across European countriesbenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Andrea Regoli
32020Measuring Uncertainty for Poverty Indicators at Regional Level: The Case of Mediterranean Countriesbenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Federico Crescenzi
42020Measuring child poverty and its uncertainty: A case study of 33 european countriesBenedetti, Ilaria ; Betti, Gianni; Crescenzi, Federico
52021Measuring and communicating uncertainty of poverty indicators at regional levelLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria 
62016Exploring the Italians’ food habits and tendency towards a sustainable diet: The Mediterranean eating patternbenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
72016Exploring the Italians food habits and tendency towards the Mediterranean dietLaureti, Tiziana ; Benedetti, I. ; Secondi, Luca 
82016Exploring the Italians food habits and tendency towards a sustainable dietBenedetti, I. ; Biggeri, L.; Laureti, T.; Secondi, Luca 
92018Exploring pro-environmental food purchasing behaviour: An empirical analysis of Italian consumersLaureti, Tiziana ; benedetti, ilaria 
102017Exploring pro-environmental food purchasing behaviourLaureti, Tiziana ; Benedetti, I. 
112019Evaluating input use efficiency in agriculture through a stochastic frontier production: An application on a case study in Apulia (Italy)benedetti, ilaria ; Branca, Giacomo ; Zucaro, Raffaella
122018Choosing a healthy and sustainable diet: A three-level approach for understanding the drivers of the Italians' dietary regime over timebenedetti, ilaria ; Laureti, Tiziana ; Secondi, Luca 
132020A model for measuring the accuracy in spatial price statistics using scanner dataBenedetti, Ilaria ; Crescenzi, Federico