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12007Yeast cytochrome c integrated with electronic elements: A nanoscopic and spectroscopic study down to single-molecule levelDelfino, Ines ; Bonanni, B.; Andolfi, L.; Baldacchini, Chiara ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
22017Vibrational Changes Induced by Electron Transfer in Surface Bound Azurin Metalloprotein Studied by Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyKradolfer, S.; Lipiec, E.; Baldacchini, C. ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Zenobi, R.
32007Symmetry lowering of pentacene molecular states interacting with a Cu surfaceBaldacchini, Chiara ; Mariani, Carlo; Betti, Maria Grazia; Vobornik, Ivana; Fujii, Jun; Annese, Emilia; Rossi, Giorgio; Ferretti, Andrea; Calzolari, Arrigo; Di Felice, Rosa; Ruini, Alice; Molinari, Elisa
42004Surface-science approach to the study of mercaptobenzoxazole on Cu(1 0 0)Di Felice, R.; Ferretti, A.; Mariani, C.; Betti, M.G.; Baldacchini, C. ; Di Castro, V.
52017Structure, Dynamics, and Electron Transfer of Azurin Bound to a Gold ElectrodeBizzarri, Anna Rita ; Baldacchini, Chiara ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
62007Self organization of pentacene grown on Cu(1 1 9)Annese, E.; Viol, C.E.; Zhou, B.; Fujii, J.; Vobornik, I.; Baldacchini, C. ; Betti, M.G.; Rossi, G.
72020Relationships between air particulate matter capture efficiency and leaf traits in twelve tree species from an Italian urban-industrial environmentSgrigna, G.; Baldacchini, C. ; Dreveck, S.; Cheng, Z.; Calfapietra, C.
82019Portable Immunosensor Based on Extended Gate—Field Effect Transistor for Rapid, Sensitive Detection of Cancer MarkersBaldacchini, C. ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Montanarella, A. F.; De Pascali, C.; Lorenzelli, L.; Parretti, F.; Cagliesi, R.; Francioso, L.; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
92020Nanogap Sensors Decorated with SnO2 Nanoparticles Enable Low-Temperature Detection of Volatile Organic CompoundsFrancioso, L.; De Pascali, C.; Creti, P.; Radogna, A.V.; Capone, S.; Taurino, A.; Epifani, M.; Baldacchini, C. ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Siciliano, P.A.
102007Molecule-metal interaction of pentacene on copper vicinal surfacesBaldacchini, C. ; Allegretti, F.; Gunnella, R.; Betti, M.G.
112006Molecular gap and energy level diagram for pentacene adsorbed on filled d -band metal surfacesBaldacchini, Chiara ; Mariani, Carlo; Betti, Maria Grazia; Gavioli, L.; Fanetti, M.; Sancrotti, M.
122008Molecular charge distribution and dispersion of electronic states in the contact layer between pentacene and Cu(119) and beyondAnnese, E.; Fujii, J.; Baldacchini, C. ; Zhou, B.; Viol, C.E.; Vobornik, I.; Betti, M.G.; Rossi, G.
132007Mixing of electronic states in pentacene adsorption on copperFerretti, A.; Baldacchini, C. ; Calzolari, A.; Di Felice, R.; Ruini, A.; Molinari, E.; Betti, M.G.
142010Lying-down metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes as efficient linkers for metalloprotein-based nanodevicesBaldacchini, C. ; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
152020Innovative characterization of particulate matter deposited on urban vegetation leaves through the application of a chemical fractionation procedureRistorini, M.; Baldacchini, C. ; Massimi, L.; Sgrigna, G.; Calfapietra, C.
162017How Does the Amount and Composition of PM Deposited on Platanus acerifolia Leaves Change Across Different Cities in Europe?Baldacchini, Chiara ; Castanheiro A. ; Maghakyan N. ; Sgrigna G. ; Verhelst J. ; Alonso R. ; Amorim J.H. ; Bellan P. ; Bojović D.D. ; Breuste J. ; Bühler O. ; Cântar I.C. ; Cariñanos P. ; Carriero G. ; Churkina G. ; Dinca L. ; Esposito, R. ; Gawroński, S.W. ; Kern, M. ; Le Thiec, D. ; Moretti, M. ; Ningal, T. ; Rantzoudi, E.C. ; Sinjur, I. ; Stojanova, B. ; Aničić Urošević, M. ; Velikova, V. ; Živojinović, I. ; Sahakyan, L. ; Calfapietra, C. ; Samson, R 
172011Highly conductive redox protein-carbon nanotube complex for biosensing applicationsBaldacchini, C. ; Herrero Chamorro, M.A.; Prato, M.; Cannistraro, Salvatore 
182002Growth of 2-mercaptobenzoxazole on Cu(1 0 0) surface: Chemisorbed and physisorbed phasesDi Castro, V.; Allegretti, F.; Baldacchini, C. ; Betti, M. G.; Contini, G.; Corradini, V.; Lamastra, F.; Mariani, C.
192017Geographical discrimination of extra-virgin olive oils from the Italian coasts by combining stable isotope data and carotenoid content within a multivariate analysisPortarena, S.; Baldacchini, C. ; Brugnoli, E.
202014Excitation of the ligand-to-metal charge transfer band induces electron tunnelling in azurinBaldacchini, Chiara ; Bizzarri, Anna Rita ; Cannistraro, Salvatore